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Conservatory Roofs

With our background in the building industry, we build our roofs in much the same way as a traditionally cut house roof, with a few tweaks to tailor them for the conservatory market.

Why wood? For many reasons we feel that wood is a more suitable material for a roof structure than anything else.

It is incredibly versatile, allowing us to build any roof shape you can think of.

It is a natural sustainable material with all out timber sourced from FSC sources.

It has a higher thermal resistance then say aluminium, giving us a better U-Value.

And it is incredibly strong. With little or no flex in the roof making it a real joy to work on.


The main structure of the roof is generally made up of treated, c24, 6”x2” timber. With engineered timber used for the ring beam, ridges and hips.

With everything bolted together with 100 x 6mm coach screws.

Over the top of the structure is laid YBS Superquilt multifoil insulation. Followed by 12mm structural hardwood ply, which creates a diaphragm over the roof making it incredibly strong.

On top of the ply comes the breathable membrane and the Tapco tiles

75mm PIR insulation is installed between the joists on the inside. These are cut to the width of the spacings to make installation that much quicker and are taped to create a draft free vapour barrier.

The final covering is 9.5mm plasterboard, which can then be plastered and painted. Giving you finished room not unlike an extension.

Insulated Conservatory Roof
What’s included

We try to include everything, within reason, that you need to install the roof.

Working from the outside in:

  • Tapco roofing slates to the colour of your choice, including screws to fix them down.
  • White fascia, with pins.
  • White square line guttering.
  • Breathable membrane, including DPM, used for the eaves protection.
  • Pre-cut ply, including nails to fix down.
  • YBS Superquilt multifoil insulation.
  • Roof structure, including all coach screws to fix it together.
  • Pre-cut 75mm PIR insulation to go between the rafters.
  • 75mm foil tape to seal the PIR insulation.
  • 9.5mm plasterboard, including drywall screws.

We appreciate that not all conservatories are the same. So, although we have a standard finish, we are happy to discuss any changes you may like to make.

We will even send one of our guys down on day one of your first delivery to show you how the system works.

Keylite windows.

We have found that generally, once the roof is decorated, there is little light loss. However, we understand that extra light is sometimes required, so we offer Keylite roof windows in various sizes to accommodate this.

Tapco tiles

As a standard finish, we use Tapco roofing slates. This is mainly down to the look but also the versatility of the tile. In our opinion, giving a more natural slate look then any other tile on the market.

Conservatory Roof Manufacturers